Kundali of Sanchita’s Son

सञ्चिता लुइँटेल र निखिल उप्रेतिको छोरा गत आइतबार कृष्ण जन्माष्टमिका दिन काठमाडौँको थापाथलीस्थित नर्भिक अस्पतालमा जन्मिएका के थिए, एक ज्योतिषले नवजात शिशुको कुण्डली निकालेका छन्। हेरौँ के रहेछ जन्म समय र स्थानका आधारमा निकालिएको यो कुण्डलीमा।

|| General Prediction ||
You started out your life under favourable circumstances, It might be said that you were born with a silver spoon in your
mouth. Your memory is unusually good and you never forget a kindness. You are generous even to excess. You have a
methodical nature, which is reflected in your work, your dress and your particular place of abode.You are personally
attractive, graceful and refined. You are large-hearted and large-minded. You are considerate when things go awry. You
are forceful in character.You are a born leader but you are too modest to parade this quality. You think in big things, and
act in big things and you cannot be bothered with niggling details.Your ambitions are exalted and you set yourself a very
high goal to aim at. Often, you fall short of the mark, as is bound to happen, but what you do achieve is above the

Happiness and Fulfillment

You are brave and ambitious. Unafraid to take chances and enact their plans, you are extremely active individual who stimulates others into action. A busy person who is always doing something constructively, you rarely misuse energy. If what you are doing with your life is unfulfilling, you are unafraid to change it.

Life Style
You feel that others will regard you with esteem only if you have acquired wealth and material possessions. This is not
true, so pursue your goals which are in harmony with what you really want to do.

You should find jobs which involve you with groups of people and where there is no pressure to meet commitments and
responsibilities on a commercial level. You would find success in a career which would help people, such as group


There are many forms of work that you could take up with entire success. All those occupations that depend, primarily, on passing examinations are within your range, since your are quick to learn and the grind necessary for their success is not a matter that irritates you. Your capacity for detail is valuable in a thousand widely different jobs. You would make an excellent journalist, not a bad detective. As a teacher you would be probably very good whilst your facility for remembering faces would be a valuable asset as a shopkeeper. What panders more to a customer’s vanity than to be able to tell him everything that he discussed on his last visit ? You have a wonderful gift for doing this. As has been said, you are not exceptionally good in posts where leadership is required. But you would do well in almost any capacity where decisions have to be made. You are not fitted for the work of a commercial traveller and, generally speaking, the sea does not attract you.

Above all things, you must avoid overwork and overstrain. You are prone to both and your nature is such that they are
particularly harmful to you. Be careful to get sufficient sleep and do not plan things while lying in bed. Try to make your
mind a total blank then. If possible, look upon the week-end as a time for complete rest and not one in which to do all the
odd things that have been held up during the week. Too much excitement is decidedly bad and a time of hurry and flurry
will take more out of you than it will from most people. Therefore, try to live a serene and peaceful life. Do not worry over
what cannot be helped. You are apt to suffer from such complains as insomnia, neuralgia, headaches and eye-strain
after the age of 30.

Travel is the pastime which appeals to you most, had you the leisure and the money to indulge in it wholeheartedly. As it
is, you may have to content yourself with lesser diversion. Card-playing is welcomed and there is no doubt that you are
able to derive a good deal of pleasure by making things – it may be anything from a wireless set to a batch of
photographic prints.

Love Matters

In love matters, you are just as vigorous as you are in work and play. Once you fall in love, you want to be in the company of your intended-one every available minute of the time. You are too wise to neglect your work. But, once the work is accomplished you will hurry off to trysting-place to keep the appointment. When marriage is an accomplished fact, you will want to rule the home. The ruling will not be done, necessarily in an aggressive manner, it will certainly be efficient. If you are a woman, you often help your husband in his business affairs and this you perform with marked efficiency.

In financial matters, you would have weight and authority. You will be successful in carrying out your plans if not
hampered by partners. So, as far as possible, avoid partnership businesses. You have to work very hard against many
disadvantages during your early years. In spite of this, you may expect to gain a considerable amount of financial
success, also position and prominence due to your own superior mentality, not dependent on what is called luck or
chance. It would be best for you to work out your plans alone. You are likely at times to strike some odd inventions that
will be lucky for you, and you will be liable to make money in peculiar way off the beaten tract. (Based on calculation by AstroSage.com)

Paya (RasiBased) Rajat
Varna Vaisya
Yoni Mesha
Gana Manab
Vasya Chatuspada
Lagna Lord Mar
Rasi Taurus
Rasi Lord Ven
Nakshatra-Pada Krittika-2
SunSign(Indian) Leo
SunSign(Western) Leo

पिता निखिल उप्रेति र माता सन्चिता अस्पतालको बेडमा। फोटो साभारः कान्तिपुर

Favourable Points

Lucky Numbers 8
Good Numbers 1, 3, 7, 9
Evil Numbers 5, 8
Good Years 17,26,35,44,53
Lucky Days Sat, Wed, Sun
Good Planets Sat, Merc, Sun
Friendly Signs Vir Cap Aqua
Good Lagna Leo, Sco, Cap, Pis
Lucky Metal Silver
Lucky Stone Diamond

Ghatak (Malefics) Bad Day Saturday Bad Karan Shakuni Bad Lagna Vrish Bad Month Margshirsh Bad Nakshatra Hasta Bad Prahar 4 Bad Rasi Kanya Bad Tithi 5, 10, 15 Bad Yoga Sukarman Evil Planets Jupiter, Mars

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